On Line Reviews

AJ ‎ – Mar 12, 2011

Just met Clarence and his wife today…they were fabulous!! So kind and helpful . . . unfortunately they plan on retiring soon! Definitely recommend them. He checked out my camera, cleaned it up a bit, figured out the battery needs replaced and sent me on my way to a place that sells them – no racket, no fuss, no effort to make an extra dime on me. They are honest, efficient and friendly…45 minutes to an hour from my house, but I would go no where else after my experience today.

kris ‎ – Feb 27, 2011

Fantastic work, and good price. He did a great job on my Nikon F3.

James ‎ – Sep 1, 2010

Awesome service I brought a lens that I had recently purchased. According to the seller it worked fine on manual focus, but it wouldn’t auto focus.The seller said the lens could use a cleaning as there were fungus spots on the glass. Based on all the reviews, I took the lens to them for cleaning and repair. I soon found out that the lens had been dropped as well. Mr. Gass had to spend three full days taking apart and repairing the lens. He returned it to me clean and good as new with new filters at no additional cost to me. Excellent service and friendly staff. I was happy to get a full functioning lens again.

Tim ‎ – Jun 25, 2010

Great Service Dropped a lens and thought it was done for, as it wouldn’t focus, but Mr. Gass got it back in working order and cleaned it thoroughly, all in short order. At a very fair price, too. I will be taking all my photo equip there in the future.

Joshua ‎ – Jan 1, 2010

Great People Great Service I looked multiple places to get my Nikon DSLR cleaned and they all wanted over $100 and would have to mail it in, but this guy cleaned it in a little over an hour for $20. Good stuff. Highly recommend.